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Here are a few testimonials from some of the many happy clients I have worked with:

After reading those, book a call with me by going to the Learning Opportunities for my courses, or the Book Dan page if you would like me to speak at your event or with your team! I am a member of the National Speakers Association, Arizona Chapter, by the way.

We are on-pace for our first $100K year of income! We would not be where we are without Dan Shinder. We began with a stuck way of thinking and Dan did the impossible task of shifting our thinking.

Lisa & Rigo Ramos

Raw Food Advocates, Health and Wellness Consultants and Energy Workers

My reach on Facebook since I started posting regularly using his methods is up 19,000% [nineteen thousand percent!] in the last 90 days and that’s just from what I have learned so far. Dan has taken me out of the dark ages. I was disorganized, confused and only minimally creative with my social media posts. Dan has helped me get organized, productive, and clear about how to break the social media code. And his approaches have boosted my confidence. Dan is also a really great teacher – he reinforces key points which is really helpful and makes me laugh, which makes learning fun. Hire Dan to get you where you want to go! I am glad I did.

Lt. Col (Ret) Kathy Gallowitz

U.S.A.F. Veteran, Founder, Veteran Vanguard

From applying what I learned from Dan, by July my sales were 240% higher than all of the previous year” (this was pre-pandemic)

Philip Gelb

Phoenix Drum Company

Wow! I learned so much from Dan Shinder: how to have a huge presence on social media and, just as important, I learned what not to do. There is no doubt Dan saved me thousands of dollars. Dan is fun, easy to learn from and provides practical information.

Dr. Larry Emmott

Leading Entrepreneur, Dental Tech Training/Consulting Industry

With what we learned, it helped us get our new album crowdfunded!

Linda Arcello-Earl

Manager of Foghat

With what Dan has provided, it has helped us with has helped with concert ticket sales, retreat sales and more!

Billy Cobham

Forefather of Fusion Music

I have been in countless social media workshops. Dan’s was different. I walked out with lots of ideas and I immediately started using hashtags in the “Dan Shinder” way. The idea to personalize your hashtags to promote your business is brilliant. I loved how Dan added personal and professional stories in his presentation in a fun and memorable way. Thanks, Dan. You’ve made a difference in how I view and do social media!

Rosalyn Gist Porter

Professional Member NSA Central Florida, Certified World Class Speaking Coach & Empowerment Speaker

Thanks for a great experience at our National Speakers Association Central Florida event. Social media marketing, planning and navigating is something that I struggle with, but you made it all clear and much easier. Many of your tips and techniques I would have never figured out on my own and will begin putting to work immediately. Thanks for a fun, comfortable experience.

David Blake

Professional Member of NSA Central Florida, Speaker/Innovation Coach

And even a social media agency was smart enough to take my course, and now we collaborate: Social Media on Steroids has been one of the most impactful investments I have made for my social media consulting agency. From learning how to better manage creating and posting 3X/day for multiple clients at a time, to FINALLY figuring out the best way to use hashtags and video—I’ve learned a lot and have been able to utilize every single module to bring results for each of my clients. Yes, results!! I’ve been in a handful of courses, yet I’ve never been in a course where the value is this UNBEATABLE. Not only have I been able to grow and stretch my own expertise around social media, I’ve also been able to grow my own business —doubling my rates in less than a month! Because of Dan and his course, I can be more confident than ever in the services I provide and in the jobs I offer within my agency.

Shayla Blue

Social Shay Content Marketing Agency

Dan is extremely knowledgeable about Facebook and Digital Marketing and is a very giving trainer. I highly suggest you attend, learn and implement!

Debbie Allen

CSP, Leading Entrepreneur, Retail and Branding Industries

Rarely do I have the opportunity to recommend someone as highly as I can with Dan Shinder. He is my “go-to” guy for all Social Media answers. If you do what he teaches it will work! Dan is also an amazingly entertaining and funny platform speaker and I enjoy every minute of his presentations.

Bob Loeffler

Founder, Fearless Agent, Leading Realtor Trainer

It has been such a pleasure to work with Dan Shinder. The information he has shared and taught me in regard to marketing is like no other. That is how Dan gets the results that he does because he has done the research and personally discovered how to be successful like no other because he has proven the successful standards that he teaches! Dan has taken the time to get to know me as a person and understands the challenges of being a startup company. There have been times that I have been totally defeated and he has been the perfect combination of a loving father and the brother that gives me a kickup that I needed. Thanks, Dan I would be lost without you!

Tina S. Kramer

Simple Learning, LLC

Now that you’ve plowed through some of the testimonials from happy clients I have worked with, let’s get you going so you can begin getting better results. Go to the info and reg page here.

If you would like me to speak at your event or your organization, reach out via the Book Dan page! Remember, I am a member of the National Speakers Association, Arizona Chapter.

I also have a fundraising model for non-profits using my one-day content marketing workshop in which I donate 100% of the proceeds to the organization. Reach out via the Contact page to set up Zoom call. 


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Happy Marketing!

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