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I am a Content Marketing Expert providing marketing proven strategies guaranteed to get better results for marketing on all social platforms, email, Vlogging/podcasting, blogging and video marketing.

I love to speak to organizations and associations of all kinds all. When I appear to speak I take this very seriously. I don’t merely force-feed the audience what I believe they need to know, I implement a discovery phase ahead of time to understand the needs of the organization/association and its people. Click on the image for a video example. This is from the Summer NAMM show, a music industry event. It is a very casual setting and I also have very nice suits! While my own success with social media marketing started in the music industry years ago, I work with all industries to teach how I have done what I have done, as well as spread the importance of why social media marketing is so crucial and why doing it effectively will be a game-changer to any company or organization in so many ways. Please fill out this form to set up a call with me, I would love to work with you:

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