I am a Content Marketing Expert providing marketing proven strategies guaranteed to get better results for marketing on all social platforms, email, Vlogging/podcasting, blogging and video marketing.

I know many people have sat through webinars, seminars,
followed blogs and more in an effort to up your game to get better
results with content marketing, only to be let down. The truth is
that there is a ton of bunk information out there. Much of this is
put out by people who have not achieved great results (if any!)
with what they teach. What you will learn from me are the same
strategies I developed to cross all the milestones in ultimately
attracting a following of over one million people, and reaching
millions more each month online with content that generates a
high level of engagement. In an effort to gain your trust so you
don’t give up in fear of being burned yet again, I have listed
common Q & As about my courses:

Q: Does what you teach work for my industry?

A: Absolutely, guaranteed.

Everyone says what they teach will work. However, I guarantee it will work—there’s no way it won’t work. If you apply EXACTLY what I teach, it will work, or you get your money back. I have never had to give a refund. Has it not worked for people? Of course! It will not work for those who try and reinvent it, leave out elements I teach, back off because they are lazy or don’t follow my instruction or advice. What I teach works for any industry. It’s about understanding the actionable strategies I teach in content marketing tied to the behaviors and psychographics of your target market, and how to adjust content to fit the parameters of the various platforms you use.

Q: Does it work for B2B?

A: Yes, it does.

I have yet to work with anyone in an industry for whom it has not worked for if they apply everything I teach. I work with Gold and Platinum artists, as well as top educators and even up and coming aspiring artists in the music industry; I work with experts in many fields who are coaches or consultants in health and wellness, business management, people development and many more areas; I work with automotive, motorsports, leaders in real estate sales training, dental tech training and more, even a leading carbon fiber composit manufacturer who is a provider for the largest refineries, railways and mines in the USA, and also a solopreneur who makes the best made-to-order poundcakes you can ever imagine with an endless list of flavor options and ships them all over the US. Yes, it can work for your industry.

Q: I don’t have any experience with content marketing, what’s the learning curve?

A: The learning curve is hard to quantify, but I can tell you this: If I can do it, you can do it. I love saying, “If a drummer can do it, YOU can do it!” Unless you are a guitar player —just kidding! But seriously. I teach in a very learnable style. I make it fun and I make sure you understand everything. There is homework and tests, and I make sure everyone “passes” so they can apply and get results. And I guarantee you will. If you are open minded, driven, coachable and stop following everyone else over the cliff who’s doing it wrong, you will learn it and you will get results.

Q: I have many different types of clients, how can I make this work for my content
marketing to resonate with all of them?

A: Because together we make sure it does.

Another thing that makes me different is this: When you invest in yourself and your business by trusting me to teach you how to level up your content marketing to get results, I invest myself in you and your business. We do extensive though fun content creation exercises using out-of-the-box thinking designing content for industries other than yours so that you have a 40,000-foot view and understanding how content marketing truly works. We also do an extensive drill-down and categorizing of as any demographics and psychographics as possible of who makes up your target market. We put all that together and then design your content categories and actual content, it’s EASY!

I know many people have hired service providers to “do” their content marketing on social media in an effort to get better results and better ROI, only to be let down. The truth is that there a lot of providers/agencies who have not achieved great results themselves (if any!) with what they provide. What my team and I provide uses same strategies I developed to cross all the milestones in ultimately attracting a following of over one million people, and reaching millions more each month online with content that generates a high level of engagement. In an effort to gain your trust so you don’t give up in fear of being burned yet again, I have listed common Q & As about our services:

Q: What exactly are the services you provide?
A: We do the heavy lifting of helping to create content and strategically schedule it on
your social channels so you can focus on what you do best. We have a thorough on- boarding process. We work closely with you to learn the voice of your brand, understand your business, your goals, your challenges, your products and services and your target market. We also provide you with training that gets us all on the same page as far as the assets we need from you to help get the best results possible with content marketing.

Q: What makes your service different from the 1,000s of others who say they do the same thing?

A:  I am one of the very, very few who provide content marketing education, training,
consulting and services from the actual hands-on experience of having tremendous results, and with strategies I developed. I am considered by many to be an expert in the field of content marketing, and am also one of the very few who also offer to teach what I provide, rather than only offering one or the other.

Q: How do we measure progress and results?
A: Each month you get a report of the metrics of what happened on each social channel we work with for you, as well as email campaigns and blogs, if that’s part of the package: Reach, views, comments, shares, link clicks and we review the Google analytics of your site to see where the traffic was driven and from which referrers. We walk you through these reports as well.

Q: Do you get us more sales?

A: We cannot be directly responsible for sales. We don’t have control over your products/services, your pricing, the market, your sales process, the user experience on your website, prospecting, sales process, customer service and other factors contributing to why someone would or would not purchase from you.

Q: So, How does your service lead to more sales?

A: We build a larger following, which in turn can drive more traffic to where people go to learn more and buy. If all the items in the previous answer are to their liking and fit their needs and budgets, you will get more sales. We can guarantee your following will grow with an increased level of engagement and more traffic will be driven to where it matters. When new do that, and if you are not getting more sales, the issue is typically with the the buying process, whether the user experience on your site or the call0, or it’s your pricing.

Q: How long is the term of service?

A: 10 years. Just kidding, I wanted to be sure you are still with me. Our typical service agreement is 12 months. There is an opt-out option with 30 day notice after 6 months, which is explained in greater detail in the agreement.

Q: We’ve been burned so many times by other so-called service providers. Can we try out your service for a short period of time?

A: We do not offer a short-term trial period. The first month is dedicated onboarding, which includes education, training, discovery and strategic planning. While we are confident you will see improvements in the first month we begin providing the service, this process is exactly that, “a process,” and some elements of the process grow at faster rates than others. There is no 3-month silver bullet, for example.

Did that answer all your questions? Ready to talk? Time to think about it has not ever helped making decisions, information does, and I am your source of information to help you make the most informed decision. Oh, and my course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, and I have never had to give a refund in 10 years of teaching this.

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