Hi it’s Dan, creator of Social Media On Steroids™ Workshops, Courses and Consulting Programs.

  • Unlike most who profess to offer similar social media marketing products and services like I do, what I teach and provide comes from the experience of using the successful strategies to grow an immense audience—One Million+ Followers—on social media 100% organically without ever spending money on ads or boosting posts. The biggest error I see by brands/companies of all sizes in all industries when it comes to social media marketing is this: No one seems to know enough to vet the right trainer, consultant or provider.

  • The consequence is that not only are they spending tens of thousands of dollars on these “providers” without getting results—and the hiring company does not know enough to recognize results, they only see the busy work—and these victims—errr, I mean hiring companies are also spending thousands more on ads and boosting posts that are not effective.

  • Think about this: If you spend money to boost a post on facebook or Instagram for example because it is not getting videos, views, comments or shares because those platforms are dangling the “Reach more people if you boost” carrot, paying FB or IG money to show something broken to more people will not fix it. I teach how to increase you reach, views, comments and shares 100% organically and then show you where it makes sense to spend. In most cases, the spend will not outpace the effective organic performance.

  • If you want to increase your ROI, stop throwing money away on boosts and providers who are just doing busy work (unknowingly, bless their hearts) and let me teach you/your team how to market on social and get results like never before, immediately, I guarantee it. I also teach how to dodge all the algorithms in place to squash your reach the big platforms have in place so you freak out, buy ads and boost posts.

What I teach and provide plans can work for ANY business in virtually

Any Industry


You can do this:

To get this:

Or you can learn from me or have my team and I provide the service (or a combo)

And get great results, Guaranteed!

It’s all about YOUR ideal clients or consumers

I teach social media so you learn the fundamentals of YOUR persona design, YOUR buyer’s journey, YOUR outreach methods, YOUR engaging content, conversion, analytics, and more. I teach how to create content that builds more trust, more likeability, more brand love and most importantly, makes your target market followers in love with your brand who get to be part of the online experience. This humanizes the experience and gets them not only championing your brand, but also more likely to follow the call to action funnels and increase conversion rates.

It’s all about the right system & practices for YOU and your target market and existing followers

I don’t just give you theories and fragments that you have to figure out what to do with; I give you a system you can use to immediately start getting better results. What I teach becomes an ongoing practice for ongoing results.

Be the superhero. Make business history.

Do you think you could get more exposure and bring in more ideal clients

& customers if you had thousands, or 10s of thousands, or 100s of

thousands of NEW active fans in your social media communities every

day, who are in love with your brand?

Of course you could!

I did it, and I’ll show you how!

Learn with us to become the Ultimate

+Specialist in your niche markets

+Messaging that resonates with your market.

+Skyrocket your online reach and engagement 

as your build your brand like never before

(whether your a start up or a fortune 500 company) 

+This is a big factor in you driving more traffic and converting more sales

Design, Gather, Nurture, Convert,


  • The only Social Media education, training & mentoring to fortify the rest of the marketing to grow your business

Here’s How my Team and I Help You Achieve Your Goals with Social Media Marketing that Absolutely Works:

I can provide the best social media marketing education, training and mentoring based on the real experiences of achieving extraordinary results, not like others who try and teach from an amalgamation of different books and blogs they read and webinars they slept through. Same thing for the providing the service in total or in part, it’s all from the experience of getting great results.

Train with me in-person or live online

3 options offered

MY HAPPY Customers

Dan is extremely knowledgeable about Facebook and Digital Marketing and is a very giving trainer. I highly suggest you attend, learn and implement!

Debbie Allen
CSP, Millionaire Entrepreneur, Retail and Branding Industries

Rarely do I have the opportunity to recommend someone as highly as I can with Dan Shinder. He is my “go-to” guy for all Social Media answers. If you do what he teaches it will work! Dan is also an amazingly entertaining and funny platform speaker and I enjoy every minute of his presentations.

Bob Loeffler
Millionaire Entrepreneur, Real Estate Industry

Wow! I learned so much from Dan Shinder: how to have a huge presence on social media and, just as important, I learned what not to do. There is no doubt Dan saved me thousands of dollars. Dan is fun, easy to learn from and provides practical information.

Dr. Larry Emmott
Millionaire Entrepreneur, Dental Industry

Dan’s program allowed me to easily and quickly build our Facebook fan page for my consulting firm. His approach saved me dozens of hours that I would have spent trying to figure out the hidden tricks to get the high-level of engagement that only intelligently designed Facebook fan pages can get. I highly recommend Dan’s SMOS program if you want to accelerate your social media presence.

Dr. Kevin D. Gazzara
Millionaire Entrepreneur in Tech and Leadership Training Industry

In three weeks I went from reaching 114 people a week to 186,573! My video views went from 3 to 41,817

Doug Meola
Drumming Educator

SMOS isn't just about the technicalities of social media - rather it's about thinking and feeling like your fans, building a long-term relationship with them

Yuval Ron
Prog Guitarist/Composer/Producer

From applying what I learned from Dan, by July 2016 my sales were 240% higher than all of 2015

Philip Gelb
Phoenix Drum Company

With what we learned, it helped us get our new album crowdfunded

Linda Arcello-Earl
Manager of Foghat

With what Dan has helped us with has helped with Ticket sales, Retreat sales and more!

Billy Cobham
Forefather of Fusion Music

What we learned from Dan’s Social Media On Steroids course has helped with the promoting of our debut album.

Troy Luccketta
Drummer for Saville Row & Tesla

Hey there! It’s been crazy! Business took off and we’ve been overbooked for months and still way over-booking up to a month or more in advance. We finally took actions to streamline stuff today so thought of you. We were discussing how we would not be where we are without you. We began with a stuck way of thinking and now we are on target to hit 6-figure income this year. You did the impossible task of shifting our thinking. We also know we still have so much of what you taught us that we have yet to do. Anyway, just wanted to pause for a moment and say...Thank you!

Lisa and Rigo