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Hello and thanks for checking out my blog! In this series I share nuggets from my success using social media marketing. I have grown a following to over one million people on social 100% organically. What I teach can work for virtually any business in any industry. Soak up and apply what I share in my blog posts and you will see better results with your social marketing, creating a larger following of people in love with what you do, making it easier to drive more traffic to where you want them to go.

Consider taking one of my workshops or courses to go even deeper and really make profound changes in how you look at social media marketing and the in the results you get!

The Numner 1 Mistake in social media marketing is that everyone makes the bulk of their posts advertising what's for sale.

Grow Your Following

THEN drive sales! In this blog post, I share with you what I believe is the most valuable gem of everything I teach from my experience of building a community around a brand of over one million people. And I attracted that community 100% organically. I did not boost any
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This image shows some mind-blowing stats of how much video is consumed on social.

Success With Video on Social

This post is all about having success with video on social media as a tool. When done effectively, it will help you build trust, brand love and drive sales. I am going to convey how productive video has proven to be for social media marketing. We will also bust some
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The purpose of a post is not to simply barf out a bunch thoughts.

The Real Purpose of a Post: “5 to Keep Your Brand Alive”

In this article, I am going to give you the elements to mastering good content to use on any platform. These elements can be used for any purpose. So, regardless of the industry you are in, even if it’s a non-profit, they will work. You should always be marketing. You
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