Advanced Social Marketing
Advanced Social Marketing
Ep #6 How Hashtags REALLY Work

Everyone you know and see online is using hashtags incorrectly. In this episode, I explain how hashtags are the most misused and over-sued item in digital marketing and on social media. Trending, popular and generic hashtags DO NOT HELP YOUR POSTS!

Stop using them!!! Tags such as #entrepreneur #marketing #sunnyday #fyp #foryourpage #repost don’t help your posts be found in 100s of 1,000s of other people are using the same tags. on that given platform. Here’s my hashtag: #DontHashtagJustToHashTag and stop doing what everyone else is doing, just because that’s what they’re doing.

Time to finally learn How Hashtags REALLY Work! This episode will go against everything you have heard, seen or read from anyone else. This episode will spin your head and make you think I am whack or a genius. I am actually somewhere in-between. So, strap yourself in and hold on tight because I am about to challenge your model of the world when it comes to hashtags, and hopefully you will GET IT!

When you do, you will never see your newsfeeds and other people’s posts the same way.
Apply what I teach, get better results!