Advanced Social Marketing
Advanced Social Marketing
Ep #1 The Purpose of a Post: Five To Keep Your Brand Alive

In this episode, I give you the elements to mastering good content to use on any platform for any purpose, regardless of the industry you are in, even if it’s a non-profit, even if it’s B2B

If ever there is time to stay present and relevant, it’s now. This is especially so if what you do typically involves being out in front of people in person, and you can’t be right now. You’ve heard of “Out of sight – out of mind?” Don’t let that happen to you!

This “Five To Keep Your Brand Alive” nugget is something so easy (and necessary) to do, even in the best of times. It’s also key as to how I built a following of over one million people around my lifestyle brand, Drum Talk TV, and how I reach millions more each month 100% organically without “boosting posts” or even running ads. Apply what I teach, get better results in this episode of Social Media on Steroids with Dan Shinder